Saturday, February 26, 2011

Crafty Day..

So, I ditched the housework so I could make my sketchy challenge card for Craft Mad, then I really got into it and couldn't stop!  A very nice change for me as I usually struggle to make one card.

this is for the sketchie
and another one with the same papers

then did these two
the bottom one has purple backing paper and colouring
it doesn't show up much though.

finally I did this one which is a stitched one for the Spring Card Exchange
I'm not sure if the card is too big for the stitching,
so might redo it and see.

I am now off to do a bit of tidying up (just a little)..  :)


  1. Oh good heavens - you HAVE been on a creative roll haven't you? Never mind, even if you had been domesticated, the blooming dust and laundry would still be back tomorrow!! Fab cards and I would far rather be crafting than cleaning!


  2. gorgeous cards, fab colouring and stitching x

  3. What a great selection. It's so fun when you're on a roll. I think the stitched one looks fine size-wise. It gives it space to breathe and really be the focus. Nx

  4. Allisonyou have been a busy little crafter today well done I must admit I really like the middle two especially the top one of them it's just so classy again well done they're all lovely
    Jacki xx